Dec 31 / feeling a little better so trekked out to enjoy my last day of 2012 and the last day of 20:12 everyday. m and v prepping another amazing dinner / s’s loft, bushwick, brooklyn, ny
1st Feb 201322:37
Dec 30 / thank god for tissues and amazing boyfriends / home, brooklyn, ny
1st Feb 201322:35
Dec 29 / bed ridden (but still working) / home, brooklyn, ny
1st Feb 201322:35
Dec 28 / vitamines and tissues — first time getting sick in at least 3-4 years / home, brooklyn, ny
1st Feb 201322:34
Dec 27 / trying on america’s sushi for size against my sushi nazi taste buds - omakase style / ushiwakamaru, greenwich village, new york 
1st Feb 201322:33
Dec 26 / making melodies / brooklyn, new york
1st Feb 201322:31
Dec 25 / on our way back from the korean grocery store — in preparation for a very korean christmas dinner / flushing, queens, new york
1st Feb 201322:31
Dec 24 / m and his amazing lamb for our very swedish christmas even dinner / m.s’s amazing apartment, new york, ny
1st Feb 201322:30
Dec 23 / wandering after ann hamilton’s event of a thread / new york,  ny
1st Feb 201322:28
Dec 22 / laying out the exposure unit. it will get built. one day. / home, brooklyn, ny
1st Feb 201322:25
Opaque  by  andbamnan